Gardening and Landscaping


Farm House Development and Landscaping

At™ we develop awesome farm house for your land. Our relationship is not only projected till beneficence of well developed farm houses and well appreciated land but also extended to array of essential and privileged services for healthy and hassle free living.

We are a wholly real estate based company of Jaipur. It is incorporated by much committed and experienced members of the real estate sector, the prime object of the company is to create customer delight and pride.

Roof Top Garden Development

We offer Rooftop garden development service. Rooftop gardening is most common in urban areas, where ground-level gardening opportunities are scarce. It works wonders for urban planning, as well — rooftop farms absorb solar radiation reducing the ‘urban heat island effect’¸ The manifold benefits of rooftop gardening are exciting, proven, and available here.

Stark urban skylines can be rejuvenated with green roofs. Supplanting inorganic, lifeless roofs with vibrant greenery, green roofs beautify cityscapes and balance an otherwise bleak horizon of concrete and tar.


Tree Selection & Plantations

At™ you’ll find everything you need to make your garden beautiful and healthy all season long. We carry a wide selection of high quality products for gardening and landscaping.

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