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Gharbanavo.com™ is a registered trade mark of Bansidham Global Real Estates Jaipur. The group is founded in the year 2010.

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Every structure developed by us is the manifestation of the vision. Gharbanavo.com™ is trusted for quality and acknowledged for an unbreakable commitment to excellence in every aspect of construction. It is our cherished desire to offer our customers the benefits of the latest material, design and techniques available in the state which explains why construction is more than just a business activity for us.

How Gharbanavo.com Helps You in Making Your Dream Home

Gharbanavo.com™ is the market place of world class, HI-tech services , we provide a unique solution of construction & home improvement industry. Our product & services are augmented by professional team of subject matter experts, analysts and consultants.By delivering value to the custom, today we have become the synonym of trust, transparency & transformation.


With material construction (Residential, Commercial or Industrial).

Interior designing & decoration.

Budget Estimates, Supervision and planning management.

Gardening and Landscaping.

Architectural and Structural map designing.

Vastu Consultancy

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What a good construction can mean?

We don’t build structures, we build relationships cemented in steel and firmly grounded in a solid foundation of customers trust and confidence. A fact that reflects our company’s belief, that long term success can only come form mutually satisfying relationships with our customers.

Space Utilization for Productive Uses
Building Design
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Prahlad Ghodela


Mr. Prahlad Ghodela, the executive director of the Company, has two decades of experience in the real estate sector. He has been associated with the Company since its inception as promoter. He is responsible for the overall working of the Company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company. He helps transform the company during a time of significant changes in the construction industry, due to cost imperatives of clients on the one hand, and significant and rapid advancements in technology on the other hand. He always works to make this sector organized, for the betterment of construction services in Real Estate Industry.

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    NISHA KUMAWAT Chief Executive Officer
  • Vaishali Vijay
    Vaishali Vijay Manager
    AMENDER SINGH Marketing Head
  • Manish Singh
    Manish Singh Online Marketing Manager
  • Teena Mittal
    Teena Mittal Accountant
  • Manish Kumawat
    Manish Kumawat Execution Head
  • Vijesh Saini
    Vijesh Saini Assistant Civil Engineer
  • Ravi Singh
    Ravi Singh Civil Engineer
  • Himanshu Pareek
    Himanshu Pareek Civil Engineer
  • Devendra Kumar
    Devendra Kumar Civil Engineer
  • Manish Pareek
    Manish Pareek Architect
  • Narendra Joshi
    Narendra Joshi Architech
  • Vikas Bhat
    Vikas Bhat

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What type of construction are you doing?

We are dealing in A-Grade, Residential, Commercial or Industrial and what so ever construction/building needs.

What are your construction rates?

Our rates are very competitive looking for the Quality standards. It’s all depends on area of working, level of floor on which construction is required. We are  required to know client’s budget and according to that we can suggest our best rates. No one can compete our rates by adapting same quality standards.

Are you providing a loan service?

Yes, we provide door step (except 2-3 essential visits) loan facility for our clients.

What type of services are provided in your construction?

We deal in A-Z construction from basic construction to Interior & Gardening (i.e. Structure of Building-Walls and plaster with column & beam, Colour Paint & Putty/POP, Fall Ceiling, All Modern furniture & fixtures fittings and overall building a dream house).

Is there is any project of yours working in Jaipur?

More than 150 projects completed in last 5 years by our efficient team. We display many of our ongoing and completed projects in Jaipur on our website.

How will you take payment?

Payment plan is smartly designed to suit our client’s comfort. We take payment in 10-11 parts according to heavy requirements of Labour or material involed in construction.

How your services are different from others?

Transparency, honestly & dedication by a professional experienced team is our strength. All sites handled by Trained Civil engineers along with Architect. We deal as per a written agreement which describe every single Important point. More over our written agreement contains that “we will compensate every costing if any fault noticed/proved by an independent professional agency”.

Are you dealing only in material or you Deal with labour rate also?

Our main objective is to provide best quality construction which can be possible by putting our 100% efforts on our construction. We don’t want  you to suffer by having low quality material and improper time of product delivery . There are 3 options available to serve our clients  the working of construction:-

1. With Material Key Handover(Turnkey Projects)

2. Supervision, Consultation & Management (A Fixed Percentage of Material & Labour Cost.)

3. Only labour rates.

What type of major materials are used in construction?

We deal with A-Grade material, like.

CEMENT-Ultratech, Binani, Ambuja ETC…

STEEL-Rathi, Sharma, Krishna or Mangla etc…

BRICKS-JK, MBC etc of A-Grade.

What are the Major Brand Dealing in construction material?


  • Binani
  • Shri Cement
  • Ultra Tech
  • Ambuja


  • Sharma
  • Mangla
  • Krishna
  • Rathi


  • J.K Bricks
  • M.B.C Brikcs


  • Bilochi
  • Delhi Road
  • (E) Sand
  • Banas River


  • Supreme Pipes
  • Astral Pipes
  • Kedara


  • Wonder Marble
  • Itlaiyan Marble
  • Vetrified Tiles (Somani, Kajariya, Johnson, Nitco)


  • Delta Laminates, Centuary.
  • Ply board With Borer and Moisture proof.


  • Jaquar
  • kohler
  • hindware
  • somany
  • sonnet

(J) WC

  • Jaquar
  • kohler
  • hindware
  • somany
  • sonnet
Who is the Contractor on the construction project?

The Contractor is the company responsibility for the actual construction of the project.  They take the plans prepared.

What is a construction limit?

A construction limit is a boundary that may be disturbed due to construction activities related to operation, maintenance, or repair of an existing sanitary sewer line located within an existing permanent easement by the Engineer and develop the means and methods to build the project.

How long will the construction take?

The duration of the construction project is dependent upon the amount of work being completed.  Projects can range from a couple of weeks to several years, depending on the size of the project.  The contract sets the maximum timeframe allowed for the Contractor to complete the project.  The Contractor is required to submit a schedule at the start of the project detailing how they intend to complete the work within the contract time limit.

What impact will the construction project have on my property?

Each project has a different impact on the properties involved.  Initially, the Contractor will mobilize and remove any trees and vegetation in order to install the new sewer line.  Typically, sanitary sewers are installed by an open cut trenching method.  Large excavation equipment will dig a trench, install the pipe/manholes, and backfill the trench.  Typically, a Contractor will attempt to minimize the width and length of trench open at any given time.  During excavation, the Contractor will create piles of dirt and rock that will either be used as backfill or be hauled away and disposed of offsite.  After the Contractor completes the installation of the main sewer line, it will be tested and any corrections that are needed will be made.  After the main line passes all tests and inspections, the Contractor will extend and reconnect service lines.  After all service lines have been installed and backfilled, the Contractor will begin final grading and restoration of the disturbed areas.

How many bricks will i need to order to construct a house?

This is the company’s concern. Our clients don’t need to worry about any of the material’s order and quantity. Everything will be done by company.

How do I check the quality of steel?

Check for the ISI seal, length of the rod and rusting to know the quality of the steel.

What is the difference between Fe 500 and Fe 500 D?

There is no much difference between the fe 500 and fe 500 D though both are of the same grade the fe 500D is more ductile in nature and helps it to withstand sudden load absorption capacity, which is encountered during earthquakes, cyclones and other natural calamities.

What is the minimum order quantity of TMT bars?

This is the company’s concern. Our clients don’t need to be bothered about any of the materials quantity.

What are the types of cement?

there are different types of cement, the most common cements that we are supplying are:

  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
  • Portland Pozzolona Cement. (PPC)
What is the difference between OPC and PPC?

OPC: – 1.Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is the most common cement used in the world because of   its abundance and low                        cost of production

              2. OPC is produced by simply grinding limestone and secondary materials to a powder; PPC is the result of adding                             pozzolana or similar materials such as volcanic ash, clay, slag, silica, fume, fly ash, or shale to OPC.

PPC : – 1. Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is a variation of OPC that includes a mixture of a pozzuolanic material that can                            increase the strength of the concrete and reduce the amount of OPC used.

               2. PPC can greatly reduce the amount of OPC used in concrete.

What is the minimum order quantity of cement bags?

This is the company’s concern. You will be getting the complete construction.

Who makes the fixture and construction material selections?

company Gharbanavo.com handling your project will consult with you through this process. We will call you upon to help with the necessary selections of construction materials. A quotation will be made according to your choice.

How do you work?

We provide on demand construction services. Where you don’t need to go here and there for material, contractors, civil engineers and architect, interior designer. You will be getting a complete construction in this company and will be handing over your key with all your satisfaction.

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